PIM Data Governance and Integration

PIM Data Governance enables implementation and enforcement of a data quality policy, which can ensure a high level of PIM data quality. The success of any PIM System is achieved with consistent product information management across interfaces and seamless content delivery, making PIM data governance very important for any organization.

PIM Data Management and Governance solutions by Enventure enable clients to develop product hierarchies, define product attributes, manage product categories and control digital assets. Our PIM data governance solution is delivered by PIM Data Specialists empowered with a cloud-based data governance platform, that enables workflow management, as well as role-based privileges for various departments or groups. It also helps control the flow of PIM data, so that items can be routed through a defined set of approval stages, trigger notifications to stakeholders and promote data stewardship.

PIM Data Quality Management and Governance

  • PIM Data Modeling: Our Product Information Management Experts enable you to efficiently create and manage data structures, hierarchies, and rules, tailored to your specific needs and optimized for eCommerce performance.
  • Data Workflow: Creating and enforcing data management workflows is the quickest way to robust product information management that is sustainable and lean.
  • PIM Catalog: A product category with defined attributes, which can drive the content flow across multiple channels ensure consistent data and enhanced client experience.

A Product Data Catalog that is accurate, flawless, and consistent is crucial for organizations to make sure their eCommerce strategy is successful, and they are able to meet objectives. With the PIM Governance solution by Enventure, product managers, content curators and businesses can simplify Product Information Management to enhance the customer experience, leading to increased sales across multiple platforms and channels.

PIM Integration

An important aspect of PIM Governance is integrating the Product Master Data with multiple systems such as an ERP system, so data is consistent across the organization and there is only a single version of truth as far as product information goes. Our integration teams have worked with clients to achieve this goal, so clients are able to take control of data integration across systems. Unless integration is seamless, different teams will end up creating variants of products or product metadata across the organization, leading to larger problems for PIM data governance, which makes systems integration critical for ongoing PIM data governance.

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