Digital Asset Management

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is designed to manage the digital assets of a company, which may include videos, images, documents, as well as metadata and presentations. While a PIM system may have DAM capabilities, many PIM systems are not strong in DAM.

DAM systems are used by marketing and sales departments to collect and store promotional and branded material and to ensure security and accessibility. Both DAM and PIM systems store information in a centralized repository and are easily accessible but deal with different types of content. With a DAM system, companies can manage digital assets easily and make PIM operations more efficient.

In the past, PIM systems stored a variety of product-related information and supplier information. In contrast, some PIM systems today offer DAM capabilities, which can store and distribute any kind of media asset, including images, video, and audio as well. The data relationships between different products become bidirectional with DAM and makes it easier to identify which products are associated with specific assets.

Digital Asset Management – Managed services

Enventure offers managed services for Digital Asset Management (DAM), working with you as a partner, to understand your eCommerce requirements and support the efficient management of digital assets. Some of the ways in which we support your DAM program are:

  • Enhance Metadata: Metadata makes your assets accessible to users by searching specific keywords that guide the systems and users to associated assets.
  • Implement Taxonomy: Consolidate and organize all assets in their existing format, followed by apply relevant taxonomy structures and hierarchies.
  • Data Migration and integration: Data transfer and synchronization between systems is crucial to ensure a central data warehouse exists that stores a single version of truth as far as product data is concerned, and we help you establish that.
  • Maintenance: As products change, and new information flows into the system, an effective system is needed to maintain the data and ensure all data points are up to date, which is part of our maintenance service.

With our managed services, companies can grow without increasing internal cost overheads or carrying the risk of inaccurate e-commerce data. Our DAM services are designed to enhance and strengthen the e-commerce strategy, so a company can extend their offerings to a larger audience. By partnering with our team of trained, highly qualified, experienced PIM and DAM specialists, you can watch your digital content management become more streamlined, proactive, and secure.

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