MRO for Mining

For asset-intensive industries such as Mining, reliability, safety, compliance, and operational efficiency are paramount, as companies try to increase their ROI, without making compromises on critical elements. Enventure offers a range of solutions to help mining companies reduce the costs associated with managing MRO materials data, optimize the supply chain, improve asset performance, increase plant reliability and optimize the supply base.

As markets get more competitive, the use of data for effective cost optimization is very crucial, particularly for inventory management and strategic sourcing. With many companies, the underlying data quality within ERP or EAM/CMMS systems is very poor, unreliable, and inconsistent. It is common to find quality issues with key data sources like the Materials Master or Asset Register; and companies often do not have spares BOMs for their equipment. All of these lead to a weak maintenance program, unreliable spares supply, high costs of procurement and maintenance and lack of visibility into the supply chain efficiency.

MRO solutions experts

Our MRO solutions experts have deep understanding of the mining industry, from a supply chain perspective, as well as maintenance, reliability and operations. Our strategy team has a long history of working with leading players in the mining industry, which give us valuable insights into industry best practices and how to improve efficiency for an organization. Our team also assists your supply chain stakeholders in analyzing current spend patterns to identify practical and beneficial savings opportunities. Enventure’s strategic sourcing team can also assist in reducing procurement costs by identifying alternate parts, as well as alternate suppliers.

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