Leading Hospital Construction Company sets up Center of Design Excellence at Enventure’s Bangalore office

Enventure, a global provider of Design Engineering services, announced the inception of a new partnership with a leading hospital construction company, with the latter setting up their center for design engineering at Enventure’s premises located in Bangalore, India.

The Client is based in the Middle East and Africa, with in-house knowledge and competence to design, construct, operate, maintain and finance world class hospitals. They have extensive operations across major healthcare verticals and are engaged in nursing & allied institutes, fitness gyms and wellness centers.

The Client’s own team does a lot of the engineering internally, but due to growing business needs, they needed to expand capacity in an efficient manner. They required an engineering team that could work as an extension of their team, providing support for Structural, Architecture, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering. Enventure’s multidisciplinary team of engineers has been assigned to handle Engineering Design and Drafting work for the Client on an ongoing basis. The resources based at the Enventure office in Bangalore will report to the Client’s Program Manager.

Enventure’s Business Head of Design Engineering said, “Enventure’s team will be a virtual extension to the Client’s internal engineering team and perform day to day activities as per their requirements and business priorities. This model has the advantage of providing better pricing and flexibility to add resources on demand. In addition, the work process will be well integrated and seamless. We highly recommend the virtual team extension model to most of our Clients who have multi skill requirement and time constraints.”

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