The power of visualization

August 5, 2010 Tags: , , ,

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool, for both design and marketing. We’re not talking about Olympic athletes mentally picturing themselves executing the perfect high dive or the perfect spinning backflip before going on to win a gold medal – picturing your product as a success won’t help it get there – but about the science of visualization. The key focus should be on producing the most informative, attractive, and effective illustrations of a particular piece of mechanical design, a set of data, or even a logical construct.

Building effective visualizations is something of a dark art. There is a fine balance between too much information and not enough, and it can be difficult to find the ideal middle ground. It helps to have access to a variety of different techniques – 2d and 3d modelling, photorealistic rendering, meshes, animations and interactive models are some of the devices used by experts under a range of circumstances.

Our expert visualization services can help you illustrate your product, or even just your perspective.  If you need a high-impact presentation, you will need to incorporate the best possible visualizations. They are the first things anyone will look at, and a quality picture really is capable of speaking a thousand words.

Visualizations can also help you at the mechanical design stage. CAD design makes understanding the final product’s appearance and function easier, rather than simply scrutinising 2d blueprints. It’s a way you can examine a product or a component in detail before building an expensive prototype.

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