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Importance of Reverse engineering in PCB design and its process

Often we see engineers get the wrong idea about reverse engineering PCB designs, and assume that it’s the same as copying the exact design. It is not, as this would be a clone. Reverse engineering allows the designer to remake something that behaves in an electronically identical way to the original, without being an exact copy. Reverse Engineering is a procedure that can fundamentally be used for examination of innovation for learning. This request connects with the people helpfully in the learning process concerning the operation of the items and frameworks. As a strategy, figuring out is limited to a specific reason, as well as it is regularly a vital part in the mechanical improvement and experimental technique.

There are a number of valid reasons why reverse engineering may be used on a PCB layout. For example, the existing pattern may involve obsolete semiconductors which were available when the PCB was first designed, but are expensive, hard to obtain and environmentally non-compliant now. Reverse engineering the circuit board using readily available components reduces costs and improves functionality.

It may be that you need to copy the design, but cannot. Copying isn’t always possible with, for example, complex multilayered VLSI designs. It’s possible to X-Ray or photocopy the board in layers, but this introduces anomalies which affect its function. Reverse engineering allows you to redesign the printed circuit board from first concepts, with a set of first-generation plans which can be reused.

It may be that your company has a VHDL design for which they don’t have full intellectual property rights. While cloning is illegal in this case, reverse engineering, where you are reproducing functionality rather than the actual design, is not. U.S. copyright law does, however, require the new PCB design to be identifiable from the original (via trace routing modifications, upgraded components etc).

We at Enventure Technologies offer a number of component engineering services, including reverse engineering of advanced ASIC designs.

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