What is FPGA Design?

FPGA, or Filed Programmable Gate Array, is an array of CLBs or Configurable logic blocs that can be connected together to form digital circuits. FPGA design therefore is design prior to manufacture of these circuits, which mitigates design and verification risks. But why should you choose Enventure for your FPGA design?

At Enventure we have a wealth of experience in regards to FPGA programming and design. In particular, high speed timing critical data acquisition with mixed signal design capability. Whilst we can offer this on a stand alone basis we also offer a range of other FPGA design services including:

Planning specification and design strategy, which ensures that any potential issues can be ironed out prior to production of a circuit, and that the correct device is chosen for your particular application (in this regard our teams have a particular expertise).

We will also take care of a core and route IP strategy, which ensures that not only can proof of concept of a new IP be validated, but it can be done so at a expedient turn around time, thereby saving on both time and production costs.

We will also engage in a general concept validation, from FPGA to ASIC migration, which will ensure that prior to the production of a circuit, you have a 100% guarantee of the validity of your concept.

FPGA design is an important part of our system design services and by choosing us you are not just buying into a run-of-the-mill ASIC design or system design partner, but you are buying into a service that is not only geared towards your particular requirements but also streamlined to offer faster turn around times.

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