What is Engineering Analysis?

The clear advantage about correcting a virtual prototype over a physical one is financial, and that alone should be reason enough to put great value on the visualization stage of development. However, there are also other advantages, such as streamlining the time it takes to bring a product to reach the market, by assessing how your product responds to production in a simulation.

At Enventure, as part of our mechanical design process, we see engineering analysis as essential, and use it to assess a range of factors relating to your product’s inherent qualities – even prior to prototyping.

For example, using computational fluid dynamics, we assess everything from heat transfer and fluid flow to external flow, ensuring the suitability of matters such as aerodynamics. This is critical for design relating to aeroplanes, cars and more.

We can even assess things like durability using fatigue analysis, which ensures that your product is able to perform for its particular application. This has obvious advantages in terms of safety, and it will also ensure your products are able to survive the production process and beyond.

The first test of a product beyond the mechanical design process is physical production and, therefore, by reverse engineering a rendering of your product, we will be able to assess its suitability for the manufacturing process.

The modern world greatly enhanced modes of production. However it is only in recent times that products can be assessed thoroughly, even prior to their physical existence, ensuring your product not only performs but is able to be constructed in the first place!

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