Technical Documentation that Works for You

Creating efficient technical documentation is something that can often be overlooked. However, when you think about it, technical documentation can be fundamental to a users experience with a product. Any discrepancies within the document or poor design of the document can have serious negative implications further down the line.

There are a myriad of challenges that one is faced when designing technical documentation, and these include problems with language, the challenge of communicating to customers who perhaps don’t speak the same language, problems with complexity,  creating documentation that is jargon heavy and dense; inaccuracy problems where inaccurate information is communicated leading to assembly problems and more.

It is important to remember that humans are essentially visual animals, and that whilst text can of course be helpful in technical documentation, there is much to be said for an instruction manual design that has a strong visual impetus. With 3D modelling the potential for documents to really shine visually has never been greater. At Enventure we use 3D design data to enhance technical documentation.

But what are the benefits of having technical documentation that works for you? Well, whilst creating strong technical documents might require a more thorough strategy, any costs incurred at that stage will be displaced by potential savings and, for example, the wastage that will be incurred by incorrect assembly will be limited. Also, with strong visual work instructions, you will open up new opportunities in regard to remote training.

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