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Should you Take the Big Step into FPGA DSP Programming?

Field Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA programming, is a closed book to many hardware design companies, even those who use high-speed PCB design. However, FPGA design is impinging on other areas more and more, as clients demand ever greater performance from their digital technology in an ever more compact space.

FPGAs are already used in high-performance and multi-channel DSP (digital signal processing) applications, replacing multiple DSP components with a single-chip solution. Evidently, the more high-tech your company looks to the customer, the more contracts you will fill. However, the transition to FPGA-based DSP programming from conventional processor technology is a big one to take, and not without an element of risk, especially if you are new to the field of high-speed PCB design.

The answer is to invest in a DSP FPGA design kit, like those made by Xilinx, which ease you into the field gently. Alternatively, you could tender the work to a company like us, which is both time and cost-effective.

At this point it is essential to state that, whether you outsource the entire project, or do it in-house via a component engineering company, you must ensure you are working within the limits laid down by RoHS WEEE legislation. Don’t be tempted to order components from, or tender out work to, unknown sources, or you could end up falling foul of EU law.

We at Enventure Technologies offer a range of high-value engineering services, including embedded firmware and FPGA design. We also offer help with ROHS/WEEE legislation, meaning you need never feel swamped by either technology or environmental compliance rules.

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