Getting to Grips with CAD Animation

Engineers have a constant battle keeping up with the latest mechanical design tools. Originally, CAD design systems were a simple affair, the idea being to graphically present material relevant to cad design techs only. However, modern CAD visualization tools are intended to present images to a wider audience, using graphic representation that can be appreciated and understood by marketing execs and the general public, as well as the design specialists and engineers. This has led to a new generation of cutting-edge technology and software.

The best CAD visualization should be accessible to all – not just mechanical CAD engineers, but marketing teams and the public as well. It should present graphic information in a realistic and accessible way, so the object is recognisable compared to how it will look for real. Early systems did not allow for this. However, modern 3D modelling tools technology such as 3D Max allow tremendous scope – once they’ve been mastered.

The new generation of CAD animation systems create extremely complex and realistic images, allowing designers to see on screen exactly what the product will look like. Errors are easily picked up, and artistic creativity (which goes hand-in-hand with design engineering) allowed full flow. 3D modelling software, such as 3D max, allow photo realistic rendering of 3D images to the point where they can be mistaken for actual photographs.

3D Max rendering is just one of the services we at Enventure Technologies offer our clients. 3D Max is a 3D modelling, rendering and animation tool made by Autodesk. It is widely used by mechanical design engineers, though not necessarily those in the auto design trade.

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