Computer Aided Design – An Animated Topic for Discussion

CAD (computer aided design) is widely used in manufacturing and engineering, with practically all modern CAD software having CAD visualization capabilities. CAD visualization is used for mapping out design concepts; updating existing products (i.e. obsolescence management); debugging systems; maintenance and repair, and even instruction manual design. However, a lot of mechanical CAD programs fall short of realizing their full potential.

CAD animation is evolving at an ever quickening pace in the world of gaming and movie entertainment. Look at what has been achieved in 3D systems like the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3; not to mention 3D movies like Avatar, UP and Toy Story 3. 2d to 3d conversion can also be used on movies released before 3D visualization was available, such as Coraline, Alien and Piranha.

There’s no reason why mechanical design CAD software can’t be every bit as sophisticated as the tools available to the entertainment industry – yet it quite often isn’t. CAD drawing programs are usually several steps behind the cutting-edge graphics and 3D visualization on offer at the local cinema.

One problem is the sheer speed at which new technology is being developed – naturally, mechanical engineering design companies have restrictions people like James Cameron don’t have to worry about. The second is that modern 3D modelling techniques are usually outside the expertise of cad operators, who are quite often engineers reluctantly adding cad technology to their list of skills. We at Enventure Technologies take care of this. We offer a full range of cutting-edge cad visualization services including 3D max rendering, 2D to 3D conversion and CAD cam CAE services – all using the latest state-of-the-art technology and software.

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