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Challenges of CAD migration in modern engineering practice

Mechanical CAD has come a long way in the last few years. But while sophisticated CAD visualization tools have revolutionized mechanical design, they have brought a few problems – not least, that of CAD migration. Over 65% of 3D modeling files arrive at equipment manufacturers in the wrong format. This means OEMs have the unenviable job of translating the files so they’re compatible with their own CAD, CAM and CAE systems.

CAD translation is a significant challenge to OEMs. Data transfer between CAD, CAM and CAE programs is essential for product simulation, fatigue analysis, tooling, machining and many other applications. However, transferring CAD data between different systems can be time-consuming to say the least.

When 3D modeling software fails to integrate, it results in poor CAD translation and variable levels of accuracy. This can mean manual prototypes fail to meet the promise of the original CAD designs, impacting on PLM costs and time-to-market deadlines. There has also been an influx of poor-quality 3D modeling software products on the market, which unknowing CAD design engineers eagerly snap up. OEMs find the resulting CAD drawings often suffer from missing surfaces and other problems. Models must be redrawn manually, then undergo 2D to 3D conversion, before they can be used.

Keeping engineering and manufacturing BOMs under the same roof is no guarantee of success. Large companies often run multiple CAD drafting programs, hoping to overcome CAD translation problems between departments. However, this is costly and needn’t necessarily solve the problem. A wiser move would be to outsource CAD translation to a company like us at Enventure Technologies. We offer a comprehensive range of quality CAD, CAM and CAE services, using the latest industry software.

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