CAD Drafting – Extreme Versatility

CAD design (I.e. Computer-Aided Design) is design in its most evolved state and is now a tool fundamental to the modern design process. This isn’t for any arbitrary reason of course. CAD drafting of an idea gives a design team not only a photo-realistic rendering of a product, but a CAD visualization can also give a clear idea of a product long before it enters the production stage.

The advantages that CAD drafting affords the mechanical design process are diverse, and range from the simple to the advanced:

For example, just the fact that images that have been created digitally can be easily backed up, is perhaps reason enough to choose CAD design over manual drawing. Often, as a designer, you will be working for clients who will expect an element of security of your mechanical design, a resistance to theft and more.

There are also a variety of implications in regards to the design process itself, and CAD drafting is the only design format that offer true versatility. The ability to create images that can not only be manipulated into an infinity of positions and situations is also handy, but also, CAD animation and CAD visualization is a great way to test a product prior to its manufacture.

It would be wrong to say that CAD drafting is the future. In fact, it is the present, and by far the best way to get the clearest picture of a product at the design stage – so, quite simply you can’t afford to omit CAD design from your design process.

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