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Allegro PCB Designers get Chance to Power up their Output

June 30, 2011 Tags: , , ,

Cadence are a leading name in PCB design services. Familiar to PCB layout technicians through such products as their Allegro and OrCAD PCB design tools, they are an invaluable resource to anyone involved with the printed circuit board industry.

The Cadence Allegro PCB design platform is widely used in ASIC and VHDL design, and is constantly being updated and improved to reflect advances in firmware development. Recently, the company announced a new PDN (power delivery network) tool, to correspond with the release of the new Allegro 16.5 platform.

Printed circuit boards have changed drastically in the past 10 years. High-performance field programmable gate array, or FPGA designs have taken the place of older, simpler integrated circuits, with a corresponding increase in clock frequencies. The downside has been a huge increase in power demand, which must be supplied at ever decreasing voltages. The purpose of a PDN is to regulate current distribution between the VRM (voltage regulating module) and the FPGA power supply, optimizing FPGA performance and transceiver signal integrity.

Unveiled at DesignCon 2011, the Allegro PCB Power Delivery Network Analysis tool is flexible, accurate and fully integrated with both Allegro PCB SI and Allegro PCB Designer. Providing a unique tool for high speed PCB design and power delivery analysis, engineers can now edit and analyse their PCB layouts with no need of translation to a second system. Integrating PCB design, signal integrity and PDN analysis into one environment is a boon to anyone involved with digital signal processing or FPGA design.

We at Enventure Technologies provide a wide range of PCB design services, using the latest Allegro and OrCAD PCB software.

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