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The cost of MRO maintenance for aging hardware systems

Where hardware systems have long product lifecycles, MRO maintenance can be a challenge. Staff used to performing familiar tasks may find themselves having to do them in a new way. Modern IT systems may not support archived data, meaning lengthy MRO data cleansing and conversion of files. RoHS and REACH regulations may have rendered some components obsolete, etc etc.

The US aeronautical industry is a good example of how costly MRO maintenance can be. Aging aircraft are expensive to maintain, but even more costly to adapt for modern needs, such as wireless connectivity and mechanised ramps. The way financially-stretched domestic airlines tackle MRO maintenance is generally two-fold: they carry on struggling with aging legacy systems, but add “bolt-on” point-solution software and firmware. In this way an aging mechanical design can encompass modern functions like mechanical wireless access and engine diagnostics.

Two terms crop up a lot in enterprise data management: BOB, or Best-of-Breed, and FIS, or Fully Integrated Software. BOB system software is specific to a particular application or task, whereas FIS software comes as a package of integrated modules which cover a range of functions, and automatically link several databases. Small carriers often use Best-of-Breed providers to reduce costs. Some providers have become popular with larger airlines too, with one company developing wireless technology which integrates with Smartphones, and which is being installed by companies like Virgin. Installation is preceded by MRO data cleansing and data migration, made easier by the fact there were interfaces for the most common operating systems.

If you need help with MRO maintenance or data migration, we at Enventure Technologies offer an extensive range of data cleansing solutions.

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