Explaining Enterprise Data Management

EDM covers a wide range of fields, from restriction of hazardous substances (i.e. rohs) compliance to manufacturing support and CAD design.

Enterprise data management covers both business concepts and objectives, and concerns either the company’s ability to retrieve and use data or the creation of data content. It focuses on the formulation of clear, precise, and consistent data content, as well as the methods by which it is assimilated into business applications and conveyed from one area of application to another.

EDM solutions cover a vast area, as they are not dependent on a single type of technology, data source or system design. The need arose due to new complexities in modern business. Once upon a time, data communication was a simple affair, largely devoid of technological intervention (outside of the sorting office and telephone exchange). However, today there are myriad ways for independent workers within an organization to source, store and manage data. Unless this is all carefully coordinated, inconsistencies and inaccuracies can occur. Enterprise data management, therefore, seeks to make data accessible and accurate, so it can be shared and trusted.

It is often difficult to implement EDM into an organization, as it depends on a variety of elements – IT management, finance, end-user strategies and more – coming together and working under one umbrella. It is a fairly new area of concern to many companies, who often feel that since the quality of data has no intrinsic value, it is of low priority.

This is where we at Enventure Technologies come in. We offer a full range of enterprise data management solutions, covering such areas as obsolescence management, REACH compliance and data transformation.

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