First for FPGA Design

First for FPGA DesignEnventure Technologies is your first stop for Field Programmable Gate Array design (FPGA design). An FPGA is an integrated circuit specifically designed so that it can be reconfigured by the customer or designer after manufacturing. FPGA design allows unprecedented flexibility as the design can be reconfigured after the product is delivered to the customer or designer. The long term non recurring engineering costs are lower than an ASIC unit and the logic blocks, which are programmable logic components, linked with a system of reconfigurable interconnects, allow the blocks to be configured to perform vast variety of combinational as well as logical functions. Furthermore, some FPGAs have analog as well as digital features, allowing for even greater flexibility of function and performance.

Enventure are FPGA programming specialists and our bespoke service has several advantages for the discerning customer. FPGA programming and competency solutions can provide a dramatically accelerated turnaround time for validating proof of concept for new IP, and integration of new IP. FPGA systems also capture a huge variety of signals and have a far greater flexibility which allows them to meet specific and unique design specifications or market niche requirements.

At Enventure, our service areas include device selection, planning and specification, IP strategy and core, timing optimisation and place-and-route, and FPGA based debug capability and system board design. FPGA is the next generation of printed circuit board and although its’ individual unit cost is greater than ASIC boards, its greater versatility and performance ensures that it is far more economical and productive in the long term. Enventure team expertise is all-encompassing and includes memory and peripherals, high speed interface support and security algorithm implementations.

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