Components library management using Capture CIS for Intuitive Schematic Designs

Components library managementBeing the starting point for all the schematic and PCB designs, library plays an important role for creating schematic and PCB layouts. They can often get tricky and difficult to manage, especially if multiple users are building the library without the aid of a standardized system for naming and classification.

The first major step in organizing the library is making sure that the footprints, symbols and parts are grouped like components in partitions within the library; it involves complexities to maintain the detailed component information. Maintenance of Component Symbols and Footprints for individual manufacturers with different parameters is known to be a tedious task. To overcome this, the library can be integrated in Arena Database, which can further be used to automatically synchronize and validate externally sourced component data or customized components with the schematic design database, thereby eliminating manual data entry.

This helps to resolve a critical problem for engineering teams by quickly and easily accessing the best component available based on both, the technical description and cost parameters that are critical.  The parts which are needed in the design can be queried based on their electrical or physical parameters, allowing the designer to identify, utilize and design with preferred components, which can then be automatically retrieved for use in the schematic from the Arena database. Adding components directly from the company database keeps the BOM data centralized, controlled, and up-to-date for fewer errors, less scrap and rework, higher quality and better control on cost as well as part usage for industry directives such as RoHS, REACH & WEEE.

OrCAD is a complete solution for all core schematic designs. Orcad Component Information System (CIS) is just one element for total solution design flow. Orcad Capture is one of the most widely used schematic design solutions for the creation and documentation of analog or mixed signal designs, printed circuit board layout designs, and programmable logic designs. OrCAD CIS integrated within OrCAD capture provides an easy access to company’s component database and part information which also has an inbuilt part management system within the application that greatly enhances the part selection and verification process, significantly boosts the designer’s productivity by reducing the amount of time spent in researching for parts or reusing existing parts, eliminating manual entry of part information and maintaining synchronization of component data. This further helps to manage part properties (including part information required at each step in the printed circuit board design process, from implementation through manufacturing) within the schematic designs. Part management system thereby enables to map of symbols, footprints, and other required component life cycle information in a single GUI window (CIS Explorer). Each symbol can be classified under component categories, for example, Capacitor, Resistor, Logic, Memory, Analog devices, etc. When any of the categorized components are selected from the tree in an explorer window, component information is displayed on a local part database window along with respective graphical symbols and footprint in a graphical window. All newly added components get mapped with ODBC file and get updated in the local database, further this database can be directly mapped to Arena PLM software which can be accessed by the global engineering team to use in their schematic and PCB design, with current status, compliance information and pricing for a specific component.


  • Effective resource utilization as the designer can select and pull in required symbol with respect to component properties, costing and availability, InStock.
  • Immediate access to component parametric data for millions of parts from thousands of suppliers directly within OrCAD Capture CIS
  • Minimal Errors due to automatic and error free download of part parametric data such as: Part Number, Value, Price, Quantity Availability, RoHS status and more.
  • No obsolete input data as component data is always current with automated distributor data synchronization capabilities.
  • No dependency on single distributor with multi-distributor support availability using Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS relational database
  • Comprehensive and accurate product Information due to easily identifiable effects of part changes across all products within the OrCAD environment.
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